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And thank you for reading me! I have created this website to inform you on my books and to entertain you on my travels throughout history.  Like in H.G. Wells’ “Time Machine”, I have found out my way to travel across time boundaries and visit incredible resorts, meet with  terrific people, shake at intense emotions, get excited at wonderful loves.   Of course you will never know how my machine works, why I know so much about details of things happened many centuries ago, how I am able to predict new events or  what assists me in answering the thorniest historical dilemmas. That is my secret.
But I hope you will enjoy reading the pages of my novels, living like me in those strange settings as if it is here and now, be amused by what you see whilst reassured that you are still in time to wake up in the twenty first century.
...something you may not want to, after travelling with me!


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