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L'Isola Del Tesoro - Cinema e Letteratura

B@bylon Apocalypse the Global War of the Voxx

reviewed by Luisella Ceretti in l’isola del Tesoro, rivista dcinema,   in 2002'
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In the early 30s of 21st century, the concept of nation disappears following the "globalization" and eight inter-ethnic confederations were sharing the command of the planet through the standardization of all IT networks and the segregation of all markets in "areas". In 2039 peace is interrupted by the Genius of the Levant that starts challenging the principles of globalization,  resurrects the myth of Babylon and sets things up to invade the planet with a new martial order. From here a direct conflict between Washington, capital of the Cristian Western Confederation and the blue armies of the Genius. After surviving the tremendous attack on the Saudi front that preceded the Babylonian invasion across the Mediterranean, Italian Voxxes Giorgio,  Miki and Fanny, Greek Voxx Sgargia, English Voxx Henry and Russian Voxx Zeppelin begin another daredevil adventure that takes them to the brink of the Apocalypse.


In the early 30s of 21st century, the concept of nation disappears following the "globalization" and eight inter-ethnic confederations possess command of the planet through standardisation of all online networks and segregation of all markets in "areas".  This is the scenario that emerges from the earliest pages of B @ bylon Apocalypse: a world divided no longer in the States but in confederations that run the command of a planet where everything is standardized, where the local tradition, diversity, uniqueness, originality is not just banned but it is even disappeared. Not entirely, though. Someone who believes in it and wants to subverte the constituted order is still there and does everything to speak up. A voice thought dead for long time, when instead was just hidden, set aside for a better time. Voxx populi, voxx dei ( the voice of people is the voice of God)  is a well known paraphrase. But who are the Voxx? They are guys  who believe they have found a new way of life … and when everyone thought they had disappeared, they pop up again. As the Araba Phoenix, they  revive from their virtual ashes to disrupt the operation of the Genius of  the Levant that wants to resurrect the myth of Babylon and invade the planet with a new martial order. And it is precisely the Italian Voxx (Miki, Giorgio and Fanny) together with the Greek Sgargia,  the English Henry and the Russian Zeppelin (the name are not random) who undertake the adventure to stop this devastating aims.   The scenery is truly apocalyptic and with plenty of biblical references,  historical and contemporary: Babylon, the extermination of the Jews, Orwell, cloning, globalization itself, all surrounded by religious wars, civil wars, futurism countdown, Christianity defined "the old religion" and more. A novel that bewilders, especially because we are not used to see Italy implicated in this genre fiction; Italy becomes part of a planet that we would have never imagined told, although the current situation does not leave much hope and certainly cannot not exclude it. Giovanni Dalla Valle entertains us with a fast, rhythmic narration that takes away from the psychology of the characters, sometimes a bit too vague as agents of  a pre-established order, like flying darts only there to hit the target. We would like to know a little more of these Voxx, something more about their past, their emotions, sensations. But perhaps that would have distracted us from the adventure, from the distressing race to the freedom, the pursuit of intimacy, the silence and the slowness that humanity is increasingly desperate for. And frankly, arrived at the end of the book a spontaneous thought comes: we wish B@bylon Apocalypse will never happen.



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