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Now naturalised British, Giovanni Michele Maria Dalla Valle was born in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza, Italy).

After leaving grammar school in 1982 with distinctions in History and Italian, he was pushed by his father to a degree in Medicine and Surgery, which he then achieved with brilliant marks at the University of Padua on 13th July 1989. However, after two years of resident training in neurology at the same University, his creative and ambitious personality could no longer cope with the flat and stale nepotism of his clinical director, a typical character of the Italian provincial academy. The daily grudge for what was perceived as a boring and castrating environment would soon trigger the author's most creative side, leading to his early writings , in particular The Little Voxx Revolution, an anarchical short novel that caught immediate success among his University friends. In 1991, Giovanni Dalla-Valle left with no regrets his postgraduate training with the good excuse of his compulsory service in the Army.

Thus he served as lieutenant in the medical corps of the 7th Alpine Regiment in Belluno and

those years were fundamental for his artistic growth, allowing him to write B@bylon Apocalypse, inspired by the first Gulf War. After his military service, increasingly disillusioned with the Italian corrupted system (whose perversions he had deeply witnessed even in the Army) and strongly reluctant to follow the common national trend and live with his family, he moved to London to attend a course of librarianship.

His plan was to leave medicine and work as librarian in order to have more time for his writing.

Yet, following the birth of Matteo from his Japanese wife Ikuko in 1994, the author had to go back to hospital work to find enough money to sustain his new family. The necessity turned out useful, though, to resurrect his never really extinguished medical nature. Following encouragement by some of his new colleagues, he then trained in psychiatry at St. Mary's Medical School and at St. Thomas's, Guy's and King's College in London until 2003. In 1997-1998, life was still hard on him when he had to survive an advanced stage of colon cancer which caused a complete mess of his family and career.

After so many troubles, he finally managed to publish B@bylon Apocalypse, The Global War of the Voxx with the Tuscan editor Alberti, which was favourably reviewed by , a popular Italian website specialising in science fiction cinema and literature. The novel was also given a good write-up in the January 2002 issue of Fantabook, another prestigious site for this genre and would soon become a cult among global peace activists.

Never mind his success in science fiction and a brief experiment of drama writing for the theatre actor and friend Renzo Campara (The Fifth Element, 2002), in 2003 Giovanni Dalla-Valle, always passionate about History, devoted himself to historical fiction writing. The Ruby Cross took him three years to write, involving trips to Spain and visits to a number of European libraries, because his medical duties were taking up so much of his time. Meanwhile, in 2004, he updated his literary skills by attending courses in novel writing and script writing at Morley College in London. And in 2006 he qualified as a teacher of Italian at the highly regarded International House in London.

Finally, in 2007, he became a member of the Society of Authors, the historic association founded in 1884 to protect the rights of the British authors

The Author is very fond of sport, particularly fencing, which he practises regularly with the London School of Fencing . He won a gold medal for the foil category in the 2010 World Medical Games and gained a bronze in the 2006 edition.

The author now lives in London during the week and spends his week-ends in Tonbridge, one of the Norman towns of Kent, with his family. His wife Ikuko is passionate of drawing and his son Matteo is studying to become a musician.