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Links for history
CISAM (Centro Italiano Studi Alto Evo): a pretty well designed website dedicated to students and experts of early Medieval Age ( meaning usually between 476 AC and 1000 AC) in Italy. Also in English.
An internationally  prestigious inistitue that gathers students and experts of medieval age from North American Universities and is based in Paris.
CERM (Centro Europeo di Ricerche Medievali)
Based in Trieste(Italy), this centre gathers and promotes research on Medieval Ages , with special interest for region Friuli ( in Roman time, Forum Iuliae), on the North East of current Italy.
An interesting network for enthusiastic medievalists that wish to share information and projects throughout the world ( accessible in four languages)
The school of Celtic studies, based in Dublin, is one of the few academic resources for researchers and writers interested in the Celtic culture.
One of the most visited history websites and TV channel in UK, covering all historical periods. Amazing documentaries and reproduction of historical events, e.g. the Battle of Hastings.
One of the most extensive and accurate websites on the history of Della Valle family ( the  ancestors of the author ), set up and regularly updated by Rodolfo Palacio De Lavalle, one of the very last descendants of the antique and prestigious Spanish branch of this family, today happily living with his family in Portorico (USA) and in constant contact with the author.
The online ongoing forum of discussion on the history of Palacio De Lavalle family, sometimes offering very hot interventions.
A good website dedicated to the History of Asturias.
Highly recommendable website on the History of Cantabria, indispensable resource for the preparation of The Ruby Cross.
Nicely done and attractive website on the History of Spain.
Useful website on the Visigoth Art in Spain.


Links for publishing

Highly successful American editor specialised in publishing, promotion and script treatments for Hollywood screenplays.
One of the most famous online publishers. Hosting The Ruby Cross for free reading following amazing online readers community promotion in May 2010 ( 7th out of 487 entries).


Links for reviews
Talent scout for new writers, the first website to have discovered Giovanni Dalla-Valle in 2002.


Links for fencing
Tim Gadaski ‘s London School of Fencing , based in the City, is one of the most prestigious fencing clubs of London and, with its 300 members, probably of UK, too.  The author is a regular attendant.
Chris Penny’s Riposte Fencing Club of Tonbridge gathers trainees and competitors from the whole of  Kent. The first club of the author, never to be forgotten, where he learned to do his first lunges  under the instructions of legendary maitre de salle Chris Penny!
A fascinating and exciting association of Historical Fencing enactors, based in the highly suggestive Medieval town Verona ( Veneto), which organises regular courses and training for those interested in the antique art of sword fighting.


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