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We would like to thank:

The staff of the Llanes Library (Asturias)

The staff of the Alcazar Library, Toledo

The staff of the Map Department of the National Library, Madrid, in particular assistant Jesus.

Sandra Lopez Perez, researcher and historian, University of Madrid

Prof. F. Javier Villalba Ruiz de Toledo, Department of Ancient History, Medieval History and Palaeography, Autonomous University of Madrid

The staff of the library of the Autonomous University of Madrid

Prof.Soledad Beltran Suarez, director of the Department of Medieval History, University of Oviedo

Prof.Alfonso Garcia Leal, expert in medieval Latin, University of Oviedo

Dr. Javier Remis Fernandez , departmental head of the Covadonga Museum (Asturias)

The staff of the Laval Municipal Library (Mayenne, France)

The staff of the Aquileia Archaeological Museum (Friuli, Italy)

The staff of the Belluno Public Library (Veneto, Italy).

Mrs. Cinzia Franchini, Latin scholar and teacher, G.Cotta HighSchool (Legnago, Verona, Italy)

Matteo Dalla Valle, for IT consultancy