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Akathistos: Ancient hymn in honour of the Virgin Mary. The author is unknown, but it is often attributed to Romano Melode (5th century) and interpreted as an expression of thanks for the protection of the city of Constantinople, threatened with invasion by barbarian hordes. The term suggests that the hymn should be sung standing. Liturgically speaking, it is a kontakion, a form which first developed in the Byzantine Christian tradition at the end of the 5th century, consisting of an introduction (proimion) and a number of stanzas (íkoi). In later centuries, the form was replaced by the kanon. Only one such hymn has come down to us: the Akathistos prayed by Toribio in this instance. (O. Raquez, Guide to the Celebration of the Divine Office in the Churches of Byzantine Tradition, LIPA, Rome, 2002)

Acazia: Byzantine sailing ship used for cargo transport, full-bodied and round in the hull.

Al Hizam (Toledo): site where the Alcazar now stands, the building housing Toledo’s library...

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